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MVP Medicine Affiliate Program( Earn Upto 15% commission Hurry!!)

In our Affiliate Program , You can also said that Referral Program , We give you opportunity to earn decent commission  to promote our listed product to your referral  Friends or any person through your affiliate’s referral URL which is visible after Registration.

How it Work ?

  • Firstly Register yourself as an affiliate and generate your unique referral URL link of any product or page.
  • Secondly , Share that link to your friend, relatives or anybody through social media like What’s app , Facebook, twitter etc. Its Your’s Choice How do you  target most of the genuine audience.
  • You promote your Referral URL link with any image or promote more attractive ways but not edit your Referral link. NOTE :- Your  Referral link is most important to trace your referrals as convert that into commission.
  • When Anyone purchase our product through your referral than you got 15% commission of the sale price.
  • You get your commission credited to your bank account at end of month.
  • Keep in Mind that  you only get your commission when your referral are converted into customer mean he/she buy any product.. Also note that needs not to buy only that product which you refer to him , any product he/she buy through your link than you got your commission. For Example if you refer any product like “lalvat oil” to him that not necessary to buy that product , if they buy any other product not “lalvat oil” through your referral link  than you also get 15% of total paid amount.
  • We also have an 25 days affiliate link cookies features , if anyone open your referral link in their browser in past 25 days than in that 25 days your referral buy any other product without go to your referral link than  you also get your 15% commission. So, its Amazing.
  • You Don’t need to afraid about your commission & referral, we trace everything for you & you can check all the detail in your Affiliate area & My Account section.

NOTE:- Anyone apply for affiliates & Earn with us but not for Dealer & distributor (who want to be)  because we have a more attractive option for You. Please Visit Here…