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  • 45.00 38.25 20 gm

    Acid Relaxo Powder

    Helps to reduce acidity gastric & bloating.

    • Acid Relaxo soothes stomach tissues and promotes normal, comfortable levels of acidity during the digestive process. Avipattikar Powder acts as Laxative, carminative, cholagogue, useful in managing hyperacidity, heartburn, biliousness, vomiting, indigestion and digestive disorders of the Pitta type.
    • This ayurvedic product is completely safe and protect stomach walls from strong acids to prevent and treat gastric pain. Regular course of this herbal churna is very helpful in regurgitation of food, hyper-acidity, stomach pain, indigestion, nausea and burning in stomach & chest region. You will need to take those for three months with regulated diet.
    • Doses : 3-6 grams daily with warm water after meal.
  • 200.00 45gm

    B.P Relief Powder

    B.P Relief powder are For People Having High Blood Pressure Or Heart Conditions. It Helps Maintaining The Blood Pressure To Normal And Hence Avoiding Problems Like Cardiac Arrest, Brain Haemorrhage, Paralysis Etc.

    • Ayurvedic Medicine for High Blood Pressure
    • Bepeambro Tablets are for people having high blood pressure or heart conditions.
    • It helps maintaining the blood pressure to normal and hence avoiding problems like cardiac arrest, brain haemorrhage, paralysis etc
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    Diabetes Free Powder

    Best for Diabetes patient, Reduce Blood sugar , help in increase resistance power of body.


    • Boost body’s insulin Production.
    • Makes body use insulin better.
    • Helps balance blood sugar naturally.
    • Reduces the adverse effects of Rx medication